Avoid Renting a Unit with Bed Bugs

Landlords and property managers will not knowingly rent you a unit that has bed bugs. However, oftentimes landlords and property managers often don't know about a bed bug problem until you bring it to their attention. 

Here are 3 suggestions to avoid renting a unit with bed bugs.  We feel strongly that EVERY renter should follow this advice.  It could potentially save you some huge headaches and a lot of money. Do the following before signing a new lease:

Ask Questions

Ask the landlord to show you the records of all pest control treatments done on the property.  How many units have had bed bugs in the past 2 years. Ask if your unit or units your unit shares a wall with has had a bed bug treatment or reports of bed bugs in the last 2 years.   Be skeptical of property managers who won't share this information.  

Get your CURRENT home inspected.

There is no cost for HeatRx to come into your home to provide a bed bug inspection. If you can show you didn't have bed bugs before moving in-- it is easier to prove to your future landlord it was an existing condition.  Our report will state if we found evidence of bed bugs.

Invest in Preventation.

Install an ActiveGuard mattress liner.  Put deadfall traps under your bed posts and monitors throughout the new unit.  If you see bed bugs in those devices TELL your landlord immediately.  The same day.  A landlord wants to solve to problem fast. 

Finding an affordable place to live in San Jose, Palo Alto, Fremont or practically anywhere in the Bay Area of California is challenging.  Additionally, the Bay Area is one of the worst areas in the United States when it comes to bed bug infestations.  Renters in the Bay Area have to worry about something they may have never given any thought to before... bed bugs.   The HeatRx team is here to help.  We are the Bay Area's bed bug professionals.  Call us anytime for a free consultation. We want to help you to avoid renting a unit with bed bugs!  

Let's Talk about your Situation

Bed bugs and the responsibilities of tenants and landlords can get confusing.  We can help.

When it comes to bed bugs. Renters have responsibilities AND  Landlords have responsibilities.  Solving a bed bug problem is a team effort.


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