Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

The Conventional Way of Killing Bed Bugs.

A bed bug chemical treatment is an effective and affordable way to control bed bugs; however, bed bugs have become resistant to many pesticides. Experts believe this is one of the reasons they have become such a problem during the past decade. 

A bed bug chemical treatment is an effective and affordable way to eliminate bed bugs. The correct products used properly can bring a bed bug problem under control and prevent the reintroduction of bed bugs.  Keeping your family and animal family members safe is our primary priority. 

HeatRx will create a bed bug control program that will meet your needs and preferences. 

Benefits of a Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

Residual Protection

The challenge with bed bugs is that they can be introduced (or re-introduced) to nearly any environment.  An important thing to remember is when bed bugs get reintroduced there arent 100's or 1000's --  there is 2, or 8, or 12.   Long lasting dusts and residual products property placed can kill the few bed bugs, before they reproduce and turn into many. 

Home, Family and Pet Friendly

HeatRx's only uses the safest and most effective products available. All of the products we use we would feel comfortable using in our own homes around our own pets and family.  

Are Bed Bug Chemical Treatments Safe?

HeatRx uses only the best products available.  Pesticides when applied correctly and by trained professionals pose very little risk to humans and pets.  For example, one of the products we use on a regular basis is Sterifab. Quoting from their website: "Sterifab works by destroying the microbes at the cellular level or hindering their basic metabolic functions. Sterifab is widely used in schools, college dormitories, hospitals, emergency rooms, and on ambulances." 

Here is our criteria for choosing products:

  • Does it come highly recommend by other industry professionals.
  • Is it effective?
  • Is it close to odorless?
  • Would we feel comfortable using it in our own homes, around our own children?

The great news is HeatRx is only going to use products that we feel comfortable using in and around our own homes. We also want you to feel comfortable with the products we are using in your home.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the products we plan to use,  please give us a call or ask our bed bug specialist. We want to answer your questions.  We want you to know exactly when, why and where we will apply products. 

Are bed bugs keeping you up at night?

Stop sharing your bed with uninvited guests. HeatRx is a local bed bug exterminator.  We are nearby and can exterminate your bed bugs. We are proud to service the entire Bay Area of California.

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