Bed Bug Steam Treatment

Bed Bug Steam Treatment

Bed bugs die within minutes at 120 degrees.  Our professional bed bug steam treatment delivers 180 degree temperatures-- killing bed bugs instantly!   Perfect for localized treatments where it is common for bed bugs to hide.

Bed bug steam treatments are a great way to quickly decimate a bed bug population! Just like a freeze treatment, a bed bug steam treatment works best in conjunction with other treatment methods.  The reason for this is bed bugs can hide in a thousand places and a steamer may get to the vast majority of these areas.  But, there is a possibility a bed bug was hiding in a deep crack shielded by the heat of the steam.  

bed bug steam treatment

Benefits of a Bed Bug Steam Treatment

Versatile-- Lots of Uses

It can be used on mattresses, sofas, and other upholstered fabrics.  It can penetrate deep in to the cracks and crevaces of bed frames and baseboards.  Like a Knight on a chessboard, steaming is a good option!

Naturally Chemical Free

We love steam because it can drastically reduce a bed bug population without the use of chemicals.  The highly heated pressurized steam can kill the bulk of the pests and then once the populations have been reduced other treatment methods will be more effective.

Low Moisture

Even though steam is powered by super heated water-- our professional system won't soak your furniture.   Treated items may get slightly damp after a treatment but will dry quickly, often before our technician is done with the bed bug steam treatment. 

Why is a bed bug steam treatment a good idea?

Bed bugs will hide in the smallest of spaces.  The steam will penetrate with force even the smallest seams and cracks flushing and in many cases blowing out the bed bugs. While treating the joint where two boards in a couch came together I instantly flushed out and killed 5 bed bugs!  It would have taken days or weeks for those bed bugs to be killed by typically pest control chemicals because the bed bugs wouldn't have encountered the pesticides until they left their hiding spot!  A bed bug steam treatment is a great option for the majority of bed bug infestations. It is suitable for apartments, homes, carpeted areas, hardwood floors (right near the baseboards!) and furniture.  It is perfect for situations that are not suitable for a full fledged bed bug heat treatment.

Your HeatRx Inspector will create a plan customized to your situation.

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