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Joyce was very thorough in explaining how the heat-based treatment can eliminate the bedbugs, how do we prepare and the whole process. She was very friendly and I would recommend highly.

-Suresh M.

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Knowledgeable, professional, courteous, upbeat … my husband and I really appreciate Cody.

-Niki H.

Highly Recommend!

HeatRx is great. James and the rest of your staff was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Will recommend highly. Thank you.
-Robert M.

What is a biological bed bug treatment?

Every organism can be another organisms food! 

Home / Apartment/ Condo

We will apply specially product in strategic locations. While seeking a blood meal bed bugs will encounter the product and will perish within 7 days. Very discreet service.

Localized Treatment

Treating specific items like beds, nightstands and other specific items is a “localized” treatment. High temperature low moisture steaming can assist in the eliminating bed bugs nesting on the items.  

Natural Solution

Beauveria bassiana is a fungus that is commonly found in the environment, particularly soils in the US and throughout the world. People are constantly exposed to low levels of fungal spores on a daily basis. 

Why are bio-pesticide treatments so popular?

  • Can be 40-50% cheaper than bed bug heat treatment! 
  • 100% Family & Pet Friendly!
  • Transfer effect. 
  • Easy to Prepare for Treatment.

Don’t Panic! Don’t Trash Your Bed!

A Bio-Pesticide Treatment Can Save Your Furniture! 

Our team of highly skilled bed bug specialists can most likely save your furniture.  We have been able to save the furniture of even the most severe bed bug infestations!  While many clients may want to discard furniture, the majority of furniture can be saved with proper treatment.  

HeatRx bed bug heat treatments are high quality.  Our team takes the time to make sure you get the highest quality service. We know bed bugs can be incredibly frustrating.  Don’t throw away furniture that can be saved! Our inspector will give you candid advice during our inspection.  

HeatRx will save you time, money and frustration!


We eliminate mild to SEVERE bed bug infestations.

  • Make the Call & Bed Bugs Will Be Gone! 
  • 1-Year Extended Warranty!
  •  Environmentally Responsible
  •  22+ Years of Experience
  • Natural Treatments
  • Results Have Been Proven!
  • Entire Structure Bed Bug Elimination & Remediation
  • Licensed & Insured


Bed Bug Heat Treatments (Most Popular!)

Bed bug heat treatments are the recommended method to eliminate bed bugs. A bed bug heat treatment is the most convenient option for homeowners because it requires little preparation and the bed bug problem is solved in one day. Bed bugs cannot survive when we bring the heat!

Bio-pesticide bed bug treatment

Bio-Pesticide Bed Bug Treatment (Great Value!)

Bio-pesticide bed bug treatments are unique in that it utilizes one natural organism against another natural organism. Bed bugs perish within 7 days of encountering the active agent. The bio-pesticide also has a transfer effect, which means an “infected” bed bug can pass it to other bed bugs in the colony. This treatment works slower, but it just as effective at eliminating the pests.

traditional bed bug treatment

Traditional Bed Bug Treatment

A traditional bed bug treatment relies on specialy formulated pesticides to eliminate the bed bugs.  It typically involves three treatments spaced approximately 14 days apart.  Extensive preparation such as doing laundry and decluttering is required. The success of a traditional bed bug treatment is nearly entirely dependent on the cooperation of the client.

Exterminating Bed Bugs: The HeatRx Process

Expert Inspection

A licensed inspector will visit your property and diligently check for evidence of bed bugs. This free bed bug inspection may take 30-60 minutes. 

Treatment Prep

We will give you written instructions on what you should and shouldn’t do when preparing for a bio-pesticide treatment. 

Expert Treatment

Our team will spend the time required and make the effort to deliver the best treatment.  We love to Deliver Incredible experiences to our clients.
Bed Bug Adults near Bed Bug Eggs

Naturally Destroy Bed Bugs!

The fungus in Aprehend® is an infectious agent, not a toxin; it kills by penetration of the insect cuticle and growth inside the blood system (hemocoel) of the bed bug. The fungus is not infectious to humans, as it is a specialist insect pathogen. It cannot grow at human body temperature.

What People Say About Our Bed Bug Heat Treatments

James has been extremely helpful and detailed in helping us through this situation. He responded to all of my emails promptly, he accommodated us when we had a scheduling mix up, he did an extremely thorough job on our house. I would highly recommend him and the whole company. Thank you so much!
Natalie M.
Alameda, CA
Brennan and his co-worker were professional and knowledgable. Brennan assured me that any items he observed that could be damaged would be removed out of harms way. He did not attempt to sell me any products I did not need and he demonstrated his concern for eradicating the bed bugs from the house. Thanks Brennan.
Adam I.
Castro Valley, CA
Cody was very professional, personable, informative & assuring of the service being provided. I’ve had no activity since getting my treatment & I’m so relieved!
Tasha D.
Oakland, CA

Preparation Guide: Natural Bed Bug Treatment

How do I prepare for a bio-pesticide bed bug treatment?

Every bed bug treatment is going to require some preparation efforts.  Preparing for a bed bug heat treatment is not difficult.  We provide a clear and easy to follow bed bug preparation guide during our FREE bed bug inspections.  A copy of our bed bug preparation guide is also emailed to clients immediately after they sign their service agreement.  We are happy to answer any questions you might have related to preparing for a bed bug heat treatment!

San Francisco Bed Bug Exterminator Inspection Preparation

Basic Treatment Prep: 

All people, plants, and pets must be out of the home and secured outside. All animals must be kept away from our Service Professionals and the treatment area. Please drain and remove fish from their tanks.

Items that are typically used or stored within 8 feet of the bed should be washed and then dried on high heat. The heat will sterilize the items removing bed bug eggs, nymphs and adults.   

Please remove your bedding prior to our arrival.  Bedding may contain bed bugs so please place it in a tote or plastic bag as you take it to the laundry.  Drying the bedding on high heat for 40 minutes prior to returning it to the bedroom is recommended. 

Use this opportunity to de-clutter.  Pay close attention the the stuff stored underneath and around your bed. Vacuum baseboards to remove dust build-up from these areas. Remove the vacuum cleaner bag or contents of the canister, place in a plastic bag, and dispose of in the trash can outside your apartment/home.


Important After Service Instructions

  • Allow the treatment time to work, do not clean or remove the spray barriers. In most cases barriers will have been
    applied in inconspicuous areas, but if infestation was suspected behind baseboards or electrical outlets, a 2” spray barrier may have been applied on the wall above or around these installations. Under certain lighting conditions, these barriers may be visible. Leave these in place until you are certain that the infestation has been eradicated. The barrier will remain active for up to 3 months if left undisturbed, but is easily removed with kitchen or bathroom cleaner when required.
  • Live bed bugs may be visible for 2-3 weeks after the treatment. Affected bugs may be seen wandering in unusual places, this is a sign that the treatment is working. Remember that bed bugs may not leave their harborages for a number of days after treatment, and nymphs hatching from eggs will not be affected until they cross a spray barrier. However, all bed bugs will die within 3-7 days after coming into contact with Aprehend®.


Hire The Bed Bug Experts! 

HeatRx will get you bed bug free fast!

Bed bugs are not a “do-it-yourself” project.  Bed bug treatments provided by a highly trained team of bed bug specialists the fastest way to eliminate the bed bugs.  HeatRx is committed to customer service and we have the best guarantee in the industry.   

Let HeatRx save you time, money and frustration!

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James Was Very Professional And Was Very Nice To Work With. Thank You.
Ed — Newark

Prompt, Thorough And Honest. Would Recommend To Anyone Needing Insect Pest Control. Communicates Well.
Anne — Daly City
“We chose the right pest control company to call when we picked these guys! They came out and did a very thorough inspection and then walked us through everything they recommended.”

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