Heat Chamber Treatment

A heat chamber treatment is a convenient way to kill beds bugs.  Simply put all of the items to be treated in the bed bug heat chamber turn on the heat and 6 hours later the items are clean of bed bugs.

Why use a bed bug heat chamber?

  • You live in an apartment and don't want your neighbors to know you have bed bugs.
  • You live in a house with lots of heat sensitive items.
  • Your bed bug problem is minor and isolated to only a few items.
  • You recently bought an awesome couch at a yard sale and want it sterilized. 
  • You don't want the hassle of drying all your clothes on high heat.
  • You want a more convenient treatment.

HeatRx has the equipment and the expertise to eliminate your bed bug problem.  We will help you choose the best and most affordable way to eliminate the bed bugs from your home. Eliminating bed bugs using a heat chamber treatment may be the perfect solution for your property.

Every bed bug infestation is different.
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Bed Bug Eggs Killed by Heat


Adult Bed Bugs Killed by Heat


Safe for family and pets. (not bugs!)


No chemicals, no smell, no stress.

The image to left shows how easily can hide in the tiniest of places.  Consider how many similar hiding spots occur in your couches and furniture. A heat chamber will eliminate all of the bed bugs even those hiding in the smallest of places. 

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Are the Bed Bugs Biting?

HeatRx can give you a great night's sleep again.

HeatRx is the best choice for a bed bug treatment.  We are experts in freeze treatments, heat treatments and conventional treatments.  If you need a bed bug exterminator near you... we will be there.  Serving the entire Bay Area of California.

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