120º Heat.  
Guaranteed to Kill Bed Bugs.

As you can imagine-- a company named HeatRx-- may be a little biased towards using heat to kill bed bugs.  Biased or not-- the facts don't lie.  It is impossible for bed bugs to live in an environment that is maintained at temperatures greater than 120 degrees.  When we do a heat treatment we raise the temperature of your home to a safe and effective 130 degrees.  And, we hold it at that level for 4 hours.  The bed bugs don't stand a chance.


It takes a lot of energy to heat a house to 130 degrees.  Don't worry we bring our own! 

Introducing California's ONLY Heat Assault Trailer.

It is big.  Built like a tank and weighing 6,500 pounds!  All the way from Toronto, Canada. We are proud of our Heat Assault Trailer. We are even more proud of its proven track record of success.  It is the best bed bug equipment on the market.  We love it for the following reasons: 

  • It is a clean and safe technology.
  • All of the heating happens on the trailer.
  • No exhaust or fumes introduced to the treatment area. 
  • Stable and consistent temperature output.
  • Can treat up to the 6th floor.
  • TOTAL OUTPUT OF 500,000 BTU/hr.


A HeatRx treatment with the Heat Assualt.

Our Heat Technicians will arrive at the treatment property.  Do a home inspection and complete a checklist. We will then set up the equipment and position fans inside the home to circulate the air and evenly distribute the heat.  We take temperature readings often and move furniture, clothing and other items to eliminate cold spots.  Once the target temperature has been reached we maintain for 4 hours.  The heat gets into every possible hiding spot and 100% of the bed bugs die.  

The Best Heat Treatment Possible.

The Best Equipment

  • Efficient and Low-Noise 7,500 Watt Generator
  • Self Contained Heating 
  • Digitally Controlled heating system
  • Digital monitoring system

The Best Results

  • 1 treatment will eliminate ALL the bed bugs. 
  • Saves time and gets the job done right. 
  • 100% effective.  (Best Guarantee.)
  • Discreet.  No one will know we are killing bugs. 

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