How you get bed bugs.

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How did we get bed bugs?!  This is a question everyone asks the morning after they realize they have bed bugs.  The fact is anyone can get bed bugs.   If you have been paying attention to the local news you will know that movie theaters can have bed bugs, airplanes can have bed bugs, and even hospitals can have bed bugs.  Bed bugs can be picked up at school, while traveling, or when friends and family come over for a visit. Sleepovers, baby sitters, house cleaners, and even library books can be a source of bed bugs.

The reality of the situation is that you may never know where you picked up the bed bugs.  The important thing moving forward is how do you get rid of them and how do you prevent them from spreading to your friends and family.  Bed bugs can reproduce at an alarmingly fast rate so do not delay treatment.  Just a single female bed bug can cause a huge infestation in just a matter of weeks.   The good news is the earlier you can catch an infestation the easier the bed bugs can be controlled– give us a call.

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HeatRx is a specialty company focusing exclusively on bed bug extermination.  We use a variety of treatments to exterminate these challenging pests.  As a team we have decades of experience in the pest control industry.  This blog is written and maintained by HeatRx to share information we find relevant to our readers. 

Check for Bed Bugs

You can easily provide a self check for bed bugs.  We have a checklist we can provide upon request. 

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