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HeatRx is committed to providing an incredible customer service experience.   We know that having bed bugs can be stressful.  Our goal is to make the process of eliminating the bed bugs as easy as possible. 


96% of our clients have rated us 5 STARS! 

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by Kim B. on HeatRx | Bed Bug Exterminator & Heat Treatment Specialists

HeatRX was incredibly responsive, professional and thorough. I had them come out for a free inspection when my family kept getting bug bites after returning from vacation. Cody took his time investigating my house and gave me such great information while he searched. He was really personable and honest and he made what is a scary and unpleasant subject as painless as possible. As expected, since it is just days into a possible infestation, he wasn't able to definitively confirm or deny the existence of bed bugs. He gave me several great options for moving forward. I'll update my review if I end up using their treatment services.

by Charlotte P. on HeatRx | Bed Bug Exterminator & Heat Treatment Specialists

I've never taken the time to write an online review before, but I was so impressed by HeatRx yesterday that I'm doing it now.  I was worried I had a low level bed bug infestation in my house, because I'd been exposed to bed bugs on vacation in Mexico and subsequently got some suspicious bites at home, even though I'd gone to great lengths to avoid bringing any bed bugs home with me.  Since I hadn't been able to trap or see evidence of any bed bugs I was having a hard time getting professional help.  I called HeatRx thinking I would simply insist on heat-treating my house regardless for the peace of mind.  Jared responded to my phone call right away and came out to inspect my house that same day.  He was very knowledgeable.  He listened, asked questions, and shared all the right information.  Even though it would have been extremely easy for him to sell me a whole-house heat treatment, he concluded my bites are more likely from rodent mites (the crawlspace under my house is currently accessible to critters due to construction) and his recommendation was to have the crawlspace under my house treated--by some other company--for rodent mites before resorting to heat treatment for bed bugs.  I'm scheduling the rodent mite treatment now.  Time will tell, but I already feel optimistic that he's right and my mysterious and stressful bug issue will be resolved soon.  It was a great stroke of luck that I found HeatRx online and called them, so I want to share my experience with others who are in a similar situation!

by Liz D. on HeatRx | Bed Bug Exterminator & Heat Treatment Specialists

When we suspected bed bugs, we tried to treat the house on our own with various sprays, tape, traps, mattress covers etc. Everything was good for about a week until the bites started up again (presumably when new eggs started hatching! ah!!!). This is when I went online and read other people's reviews about how they tried to eradicate the bed bugs on their own for months on end. I felt like I couldn't go through that bc my parents were coming to stay with us and I just needed it to be done with. We called HeatRx to come for a free inspection and they came almost right away. The treatment was expensive but so far we are 1 month out and haven't had any new bites. They came back for a reinspection about a week later, included in the price. They were professional and reliable and came earlier than scheduled which was awesome. They took photos of their work as they went to document the temperatures reached in each room. Cody was very easy to work with a really nice and understanding during a stressful time.

by Barbara R. on HeatRx | Bed Bug Exterminator & Heat Treatment Specialists

When we learned we had bedbugs you can believe that we wanted treatment right away. HeatRx was able to schedule a visit within 3 days. Cody in charge of the process and I can't tell you how grateful I am. He knows his business and patiently answered all my questions.
On the day of the treatment he and Brennan arrived at 8 am, he explained what they were going to do, and they got right to work. Two weeks later he came back and reinspected and then did a final treatment. It's a month later and we've had no bites.
I highly recommend.

by Ramena H. on HeatRx | Bed Bug Exterminator & Heat Treatment Specialists

I had James come out to do an inspection. He was knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly very honest. I had another company come out prior to HeatRx and they were very unprofessional and dishonest. James explained how the process worked and and gave us a very reasonable and fair price. Would definitely recommend!!

by Abhilash G. on HeatRx | Bed Bug Exterminator & Heat Treatment Specialists

I am highly impressed with the inspection done by HeatRx representative. He was very honest. He did inspection very thoroughly. I have shown him "insect" which I captured. He inspected and he categorically said it is beetle.

Very honest, representative could have mislead us and charged money for treatment, but they very truthful and fair. I highly recommend HeatRx services.

by Joseph P. on HeatRx | Bed Bug Exterminator & Heat Treatment Specialists

This is my first yelp review. I want people to know about the superior and effective service I received, and I want to show my gratitude to the fine folks at Heatrx

I feared I had a bed bug infestation. I did some research and thought that Heatrx heat treatment would work best for me, as I have a densely furnished condo with abundance of hiding places for the bugs. James from Heatrx did a free inspection, and confirmed my fears. My touch of OCD exploded into full blown OCD.

Since I live in a condo, James stated he needed to inspect the units surrounding mine. He did these free inspections, and fortunately he did not find bugs in the other units. He then consulted with my HOA, and arranged for the heat treatment, which was complex, e.g., the overhead sprinklers needed to be disabled.

Brennan and Cody did the heat tx followed by bug spray that first day. They did an exceptional job eliminating the bugs, and in dealing with my anxieties. James returned in a week and a half, and did another inspection. Even though he, nor I, could fine any bugs, he did a second spraying to insure that I am bug free. A couple of weeks have gone by, and I am free of the nasty critters.

Thank you Heatrx!

by Kristi M. on HeatRx | Bed Bug Exterminator & Heat Treatment Specialists

We have just signed for heat treatment of our entire house to eradicate a  bed bug problem we had been treating ourselves for 2 months without permanent success.  HeatRx was very prompt in their response to my call and in scheduling a technician visit.  The tech thoroughly and patiently explained the options and showed a willingness to go the extra mile for helping us. We are looking forward to having our house heat treated and just wish we had known about their option sooner.

by Alejandra N. on HeatRx | Bed Bug Exterminator & Heat Treatment Specialists

After experiencing constant bites, I called Terminix which was my pets' control people, they treated couple of times randomly without an actual inspection but the problem continued. Then I called HeatRx and their team came to inspect the house, and fully treated our place for a very reasonable price. Automatically the problem stopped in our rooms which was the noticeable area, couple weeks later I noticed we had the same problem in our living-rooms; we called again and HeatRx team was again very helpful. Prompt response, courteous team and great service and price. I recommend them 100%.

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