Same Day Bed Bug Inspection
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Get a FREE professional Bed Bug Inspection. We work early till late. 


3 Reasons to get a FREE Bed Bug Inspection

Licensed Pest Experts

We know bed bugs.  We are fast and efficient.  We will take the time to find the bugs and answer all of your questions.

Fast Arrival-- Same Day!

Depending on traffic we can get to your property fast! We accept early morning appts (5am!) and late night appointments (9pm!). 

Best Prices

In the event you decide to hire us to eliminate the bed bugs we do all our own work and don't sub anything out to contractors. This means we can pass savings along to you!

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Bay Area Bed Bug Inspection

We follow the following steps when we enter a home for a bed bug inspection.

  • Arrive On Time and in Uniform. (Unless, you request us in incognito mode!)
  • We put on booties before entering the home.
  • We will ask you a series of questions:
    • Where have you been seeing bugs?
    • How long have you suspected bed bug activity?
    • Why do you suspect bed bugs? 
  • We then begin our inspection. 
    • Inspect bedding, mattresses, box springs.
    • Inspect night stands and wardrobes
    • Inspect pictures and lamps near the bed.
    • Inspect Curtain Rods and Hangers
    • Inspect the couch and chairs.

We don't rush our inspections because you paid us a fair rate for our time and we take pride in our work.  We aren't going to stop our inspection once we find evidence of bed bugs.  We want to take the time to identify the severity of the issue.  A great inspection is the first step in providing a great service.  We will typically spend 30 minutes actively checking for bed bugs.  The remainder of our appointment will be answering your questions and preparing a written quote. 

Full Service Bed Bug Specialists

When you work with HeatRx every option is on the table.  We have sophisticated heat equipment, freeze equipment, hand can sprayers and bulb dusters.  We have the equipment and expertise to deliver the service that you need.  You will save time and money.  When we do a job we do it right the first time.  We never rush and we guarantee our work.