Steam Kills Bed Bugs

Steam Kills Bed Bugs

Bed bugs die instantly when exposed to temperatures of 180 degree.   Professional steamers have a higher PSI which means the steam comes out faster and penetrates into treated areas deeper.  It also means the treated areas remain drier. 

Want to reduce bed bug populations quickly?  A professional steam treatment might be the answer.  An organic treatment that uses the biology of bed bugs against them steam can kill adult bed bugs, bed bug eggs and nymphs instantly.  Bed bugs can hide in a thousand places and a steamer can effectively treat the majority of these areas.  It is a best practice to use steam treatments in conjunction with other treatment methods.  Your HeatRx professional will discuss with you the best treatment methods for your property.

Ideal Treatment Area's for Steam

Drapes and Curtains

It can be difficult to wash and dry window covers like drapes and curtains.  But, these areas must be treated because they are ideal hiding spots for bed bugs.  Steam can treat these areas easily.

Couches and Mattresses

Couches and mattresses often have a lot of folds in the cloth that are perfect hiding spots for bed bugs.  A professional steam cleaner can treat these areas with ease.  The steamers heat will deliver a lethal kill to any bed bugs up to 3 inches deep. 

Carpets and Baseboards

Bed bugs love to hide in the cracks between the carpet and the baseboards.  It is a perfect harborage for bed bugs.  A professional steamer can deliver high pressure lethal steam in otherwise difficult to treat areas.   

Every property is different.  Our bed bug expert will create a plan customized to your situation.

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