HEPA Vacuuming Eliminates Bed Bugs

Just like any creature bed bugs like to live close to food and shelter.  They seek out the easy life.  Unfortunately, sometimes they find that easy life in a deep crack of your bed frame. High powered vacuuming will remove the bed bugs from these hard to reach areas. 

Vacuuming alone will not eliminate bed bugs. Bed bugs can hide in a thousand places and a high powered vacuum can reach a lot of these places.  It is a best practice to use vacuuming to physically remove many bed bug eggs, nymphs and adults.  And, then immediately use another treatment method like steam or conventional treatments to further impact the population. 

Ideal Treatment Areas for Vacuuming

Window Sills and Bed Frames

The challenging angles and surfaces of these areas make them ideal for a high powered vacuum. These areas should be addressed because they are ideal hiding spots for bed bugs.  Both vacuuming and steam can treat these areas easily.

Couches and Mattresses

Couches and mattresses often have a lot of folds in the cloth that are perfect hiding spots for bed bugs.  A professional high powered vacuum cleaner can suck the bed bugs about of these areas with relative ease.  

Carpets and Baseboards

Bed bugs love to hide down in the carpet fibers and also in the cracks between the carpet and the baseboards.  It is a perfect harborage for bed bugs.  A professional high powered vacuum can pull the bugs out of these otherwise difficult to treat areas.   

I have a vacuum can I just do it myself? 

Yes- but be careful.  Many home owners have accidentally spread bed bugs to other parts of their home and even into their vehicles by inappropriate vacuuming.  If you choose to vacuum for bed bugs be sure that you use a HEPA vacuum and seal the vacuum bag immediately disposing of it after you are done.  Otherwise, all you will have done is relocated the bed bugs to your closet or the next room (or vehicle) you vacuum.   

Every property is different.  Our bed bug expert will create a plan customized to your situation.

Do you suspect bed bugs? We can help. 

Bed bugs google how to avoid HeatRx. 

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