Yard Sale Deal? Proceed with caution!

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Everyone loves a good deal.  Trust me, as a child and young adult I was an avid yard sale shopper.  I could yard sale with the best of the best!  Soccer mom’s everywhere were envious of my yard sale prowess.  Everyone loves a good deal, but sometimes you end up buying a whole lot of headache.  So, let this pest control guy give you a few tips before you start hitting the Spring yard sales.

Yard Sale Tips

  1. Don’t try it on before washing it.
  2. Carefully inspect everything BEFORE bringing it into your home.
    1. Picture frames
    2. Ceramic knick-knacks
    3. Artwork, lamps, night stands, etc.
    4. Check every side and look at it from multiple angles.
    5. Use a flashlight.
  3. Vacuum all of the cracks and crevices.
  4. Disinfectant wipes will make everyone feel better.
  5. Think eight times before buying a couch, love seat or a mattress!

If you find a really great item and you are worried or know it has been in a house with bed bugs.  You can still purchase it.  Even the largest items can be sterilized.  But, you may want to be extremely careful with how you go about the process.  I would recommend calling a professional to get some good tips.  Let us know before hand what we will be inspecting and we may be able to bring with us the tools necessary to do the work when we inspect.

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