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HeatRx will continue to provide free consultations and bed bug extermination services during this crisis.

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Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs.

Bay Area Bed Bug Exterminator

Protecting Your Home From Bed Bugs

HeatRx is the leading specialty pest control company in the Bay Area of California. Our team of highly trained bed bug specialists works with homeowners, renters, property managers, and other pest control companies. We are committed to ensuring the best possible results for our clients.

Our locally-owned company is equipped with the knowledge and local expertise required to free your home of bed bug infestations for good. Let’s create a treatment plan based on your specific needs!



One of our Licensed Professional Bay Area Bed Bug Specialists will come to your home and give you a no-obligation inspection and bid. We will tell you if you have a bed bug issue, and what the best treatment plan for your home looks like!

Bay Area Bed Bug Extermination Services


Bed bug heat treatments are the recommended method to eliminate bed bugs. A bed bug heat treatment is the most convenient option for homeowners because it requires little preparation and the bed bug problem is solved in one day. Bed bugs cannot survive when we bring the heat! Other methods, while still effective at killing bed bugs require more preparation and it usually requires a pest control professional to visit the property multiple times.


A bed bug chemical treatment is an effective and affordable way to eliminate bed bug infestations. The correct products used properly can bring a bed bug problem under control and prevent their reintroduction. Keeping your family and pets safe is our primary priority.

HeatRx will create a bed bug control program that will meet your needs and preferences.


Bed bug steam treatments are a great way to quickly decimate a bed bug population! A bed bug steam treatment works best in conjunction with other treatment methods. Bed bugs can hide in a thousand places and a steamer may get to the vast majority of these areas. There is a always possibility a bed bug was hiding in a deep crack shielded by the heat of the steam so we will want residual products in place to eliminate any surviving bed bugs.

We service the entire Bay Area of California. Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose are the anchor cities we service. Our office is in Hayward, CA. We service all communities within about 60 miles including Fremont, Palo Alto, Morgan Hill, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Atherton, Menlo Park, Livermore, Tracy, Dublin, Danville, San Ramon, and others.

“Cody made a special effort to make sure we eliminated our bed bug problem very quickly. We are so grateful and most impressed with this company’s professional and capable management. They will work with us to make sure the bugs do not appear again, and they even give a guarantee. Cody is reassuring, informed and very careful. I recommend this company highly.”

– Angela D.

 The Bay Area’s Bed Bug Exterminator!

We are more than just a contractor with heat equipment. We are pest control professionals who specialize in bed bug heat treatments. We can solve your bed bug infestation 100% organically without using harsh chemicals. We are a highly motivated and professional team of bed bug exterminators. All of our inspectors are licensed Branch 2 Field Representatives who will create the best plan of action to eliminate your bed bugs and take precautions to prevent re-infestations. We have the best processes, best customer communication and best equipment to ensure we exterminate bed bugs quickly and without hassle.

HeatRx will eliminate all stages of bed bugs in ONE TREATMENT.

We will save you time, money and frustration!

We have proven processes guaranteed to exterminate even the worst bed bug infestations.

Exterminating Bed Bugs: The HeatRx Process

FREE Phone Consultation

Many times some folks think they found a bed bug when they just stumbled across a carpet beetle. Ask a bed bug exterminator to properly identify what is crawling around your home.

FREE Bed Bug Inspection

A licensed inspector will visit your property and diligently check for evidence of bed bugs. This free bed bug inspection may take 30-60 minutes. 

Written Estimate

A clear and easy to understand written estimate will be provided during the inspection. It will state our proposed course of action for eliminating the bed bugs in your home or office space.  

Pre-Service Preparations

Our bed bug exterminator will give you written instructions on what you should and shouldn’t do when preparing for a treatment. The instructions are unique to the treatment plan we propose.

The Treatment

Depending on whatever treatment is best for you and your situation our bed bug specialist will spend anywhere from 3 to 8 hours on site eliminating the bed bugs. We can schedule early or late to accomodate most schedules.

Post Service Inspections

Depending on the type of service you choose, there may be follow up inspections or treatments. We also provide written advice on how to avoid re-introducing bed bugs into your home or rental property.