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Welcome to HeatRx, your dedicated bed bug extermination specialists in Los Angeles, where your peace of mind is our highest priority. Amidst the vibrant streets and diverse ecosystems of LA, our team offers unmatched expertise in tackling the city’s most notorious pest: bed bugs. HeatRx is your definitive shield against bed bug infestations, ensuring your home and workplace are safeguarded with unmatched precision and care.

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We have the solution to your bed bug problem.

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Whether you’re in a cozy bungalow, a sprawling commercial complex, or any space in between, our comprehensive treatment strategies are tailored to fit, promising a safe, pest-free environment across LA.

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Quality Bed Bug Extermination Solutions 

We offer affordable bed bug treatment customized to your situation.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

The majority of our customers choose a Bed Bug Heat Treatment because it will eliminate the bed bugs in one day. It is a convenient option because it requires little preparation and the bed bugs are removed in one day. 

Biological Bed Bug Treatment

Bio-pesticide treatments are a new and exciting bed bug removal treatment. The process is a bit slower, but is proven to eliminate even the worst bed bug infestations.

Traditional Bed Bug Treatment

A traditional bed bug treatment relies on specially formulated pesticides to eliminate the bed bugs. It typically involves three treatments spaced 14 days apart.  Extensive preparation such as doing laundry and decluttering is required.

Vehicle Bed Bug Treatment

The HeatRx Vehicle Bed Bug Service is a cost effective bed bug removal for your vehicle. This treatment involves high temperature steaming and applications of residual products.


Why Choose HeatRx
As Your Bed Bug Exterminator?

We are pest control professionals who specialize in bed bug extermination. 90% of the work we do are bed bug heat treatments. We can solve your bed bug infestation without using harsh chemicals. We are a highly motivated and professional team of bed bug exterminators.

All of our inspectors are licensed Branch 2 Field Representatives who will create the best plan of action to eliminate your bed bugs and take precautions to prevent re-infestations. We have the best processes, best customer communication and best equipment to ensure we exterminate bed bugs quickly and without hassle.

Free Inspection

A licensed inspector will check your property and look for evidence of bed bugs. Inspection may take 30-60 minutes.

Clear Preparation Guides

We’ll give you written instructions on what you should do while preparing for a treatment. Our instructions are easy to understand and follow.

Expert Treatment

Our team will spend the time required and make the effort to ensure you get the best treatment and be rid of the bed bugs for good.

Hundreds of homes treated, hundreds of customers satisfied

We are committed to giving the best possible service and experience to our customers. From the time our customers contact us to post-treatment, we are a team of bed bug exterminators dedicated to see you become bed bug free. 

 by Alisa S. on Heat RX

James and Cody were very professional, conscious and thorough, was very pleased and satisfied with the work they did and the care they took with my home and belongings.

 by Davina S. on Heat RX

Cody was super friendly and helpful, he was able to answer all our questions and give us some hope. Thank you so much.

 by Vivian D. on Heat RX

Cody did a fantastic job at my home. Everything was in perfect order after the 8-hour extensive treatment he and his fellow helper provided, and best of all, the bed bugs appear to be gone.

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HeatRx Treatment Guarantees

All of our Bed Bug Heat Treatments come with a 30-day guarantee. Additionally, we’re proud to offer an extended 1-Year warranty! In the event that bed bugs get reintroduced within those months, we will return and retreat conventionally for just $175. It is the best warranty in the industry backed by the best bed bug heat treatment company in San Francisco’s Bay Area.

Total Bed Bug

Guaranteed Customer

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Customer Support

Treatment Availability
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Discreet Bed Bug Extermination

HeatRx is a discreet bed bug exterminator that takes the feelings of its clientele into account. We keep our service vehicles clean and free of all references to bed bugs; consequently, many people think we are a HVAC or plumbing company. Our clients appreciate our vehicles have no reference to bed bugs.

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