HeatRx Core Values

We are more than just bed bug heat treatment specialists.  We are members of a community. We strive to treat all of our customers with the same courtesy and professionalism we show our friends.


HeatRx Core Values

  • Integrity Comes First
  • The day that starts well goes well
  • Consistency is the Recipe
  • The Customer is Family
  • Community Matters
  • Deliver Incredible

These are more than just trite sayings that we publish on our website. If you were to spend a day with our team, you would often hear references to our core values.

We even surprise ourselves with how often we reference our core values. We make sure that the meaning and importance of our core values is understood and acknowledged by all team members.

Our core values influence our business decisions and are the foundation of how we treat each other internally and how we treat our customers.