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Most cell phones have incredible cameras. Simply take a picture of the bug and text it to the number displayed below. A bed bug specialist will take a look at the photo and let you know what we think.

Photos of bed bugs and evidence of bed bugs

bed bug
bed bug

More info about bed bugs and how to spot them

The type of bed bugs that we commonly encounter in the United States is of the Cimex Lectolarius family. In a simplified description, they are small and oval in size and shape. Adult bed bugs grow up to only 5 millimeters long and 3 millimeters wide. They are copper and reddish in color. Eggs are usually very tiny and white in color and nymphs are translucent, becoming more brownish in color as they mature.


Few of the very telling evidence that bed bugs leave behind are their eggs, exoskeletons, fecal matters, and blood stain on linens or blankets. They can be easily overlooked at early stages of an infestation so better keep an eye out if you’re suspecting any presence of bed bugs in your home.


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Dec 1, 2020 by Alisa S on HeatRx | Bed Bug Exterminator

James and Cody were very professional, conscious and thorough, was very pleased and satisfied with the work they did and the care they took with my home and belongings.

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Cody was super friendly and helpful, he was able to answer all our questions and give us some hope. Thank you so much.

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Cody did a fantastic job at my home. Everything was in perfect order after the 8-hour extensive treatment he and his fellow helper provided, and best of all, the bed bugs appear to be gone.

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