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Sleep can be a totally unpleasant experience when you know there are bed bugs somewhere in your bed. Even just having the mere suspicion that bed bugs might be near where you rest is a troublesome thought. However, by installing a bed bug mattress cover for your bed and box spring, you will find better protection from bed bugs along with other great benefits. Sleeping doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience because you can do something about those bed bugs hiding in your bed.  

We’re talking about something you can do yourself. Installing bed bug mattress covers prevent insects from entering your mattress or box springs. This one simple action will reduce your bed bug worries. High quality encasements prevent bed bugs from entering or exiting your mattress. Bed bugs are annoying and incredibly frustrating, installing bed bug mattress covers is a simple step that can make a big difference.

HeatRx offers high-quality bed bug mattress covers so you can get started on becoming bed bug free.

What are bed bug mattress covers? 

The majority of bed bugs find a cozy home in the interior of a box spring or along the seams of a mattress as these locations are perfect spots for them to dwell and breed. When left unchecked, an infestation of a thousand bed bugs can occur in a few month’s time just beneath where you sleep. A bed bug mattress cover or encasement is a special sheet of fabric that fully encases the mattress and prevents bed bugs exiting or entering. A high quality mattress encasement will also prevent dust mites, allergens and insects from entering or leaving the encased area. If a bed bug is trapped inside a mattress or box spring the bed bug will be denied a blood meal and will eventually starve and die. Once a bed bug encasement is installed it should not be removed for at least a year. We recommend that once installed you just leave it on forever. 

You can also install bed bug mattress covers proactively even when you’re not sure that bed bugs might be there or if you know for sure that you are bed bug free. This is a wise preventive measure which will ensure that your bed isn’t going to be infested because the bed bugs will not be able to bite their way through the fabric of a bed bug mattress cover. An encasement eliminates most of the hiding spots of pests and makes a self inspection much easier. 

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Do Mattress Covers Help with Bed Bugs?

Bed bug mattress covers can greatly help control the presence of bed bugs in your home. If bed bugs are present in your mattress, you’ll be able to trap them inside and avoid them spreading into other rooms or furniture inside your house. Having a bed bug mattress cover for your bed will effectively lock in the bed bugs that are living in the interiors of your mattress and box spring. Studies suggest that bed bugs can live up to anywhere between 20 to 400 days without feeding.


How Do I Protect Myself and My Mattress from Bed Bugs?

You must be mindful of the quality of the bed bug encasement you’ll be purchasing. Not all mattress covers are effective in keeping the bed bugs from getting in or out of your mattress or box spring. You may find cheap ones online, but it may not guarantee you the safety which you seek. When deciding what bed bug mattress cover to purchase, it’s important to note that for it to be effective, it must perform well in two jobs: prevent the bed bugs from escaping and it has to be thick enough for the bed bugs to be unable to bite through it. 

There are special features to be found in mattress covers that are designed specifically for bed bugs. A few of these features include having smaller teeth for the zippers to prevent even the tiny nymphs from getting out of the mattress interior, and some are treated with residual products to kill off the bed bugs upon long contact with the fabric.

The best bed bug mattress covers are backed up by lab studies and are certified, proving them to be bed bug proof. 

With all of that being said, bed bug mattress covers are recommended especially for the people who know for certain that bed bugs are present in their beds, or for the people who are suspicious of bed bugs inside their mattress or box spring. Installing bed bug mattress covers or box spring encasements is a simple thing that every person worried about bed bugs should consider.

Some people are worried that they won’t sleep well if they use a mattress encasement. They are worried that they will sleep hot, or that the encasement will be noisy. It is true you may run into these issues if you purchase a low quality encasement. A high quality encasement will not make you sleep hot or make noise. 

How much does a bed bug mattress cover cost?

The prices for bed bug mattress covers may differ depending on the quality and features of the mattress cover. There are bed bug mattress covers as cheap as $20, but you may want to keep your eyes for any certification or lab-test results that prove that the mattress covers you’re interested in is bed bug proof. There are more expensive options that are worth exploring and may provide you better comfort and reliability in controlling bed bugs in your bed.

Why purchase bed bug mattress covers from HeatRx?

HeatRx offers a great bed bug mattress cover that is both escape-proof and bite-proof. Our bed bug mattress covers are certified to be bed bug proof, backed up by a lab report which concludes that no bed bugs will ever be able to infest your bed or spread across your house and furniture because of the way it has been specifically designed for bed bugs. Not only are they bed bug proof, but our mattress covers are also waterproof, allergen-proof, dust mite proof, quiet, soft, and breathable.

HeatRx recommends the installation of certified bed bug mattress covers on all box springs and mattresses for maximum effectiveness. Our team can apply residual products to discourage any bed bug activity on bed frames, other bedroom furniture and baseboards; however, treatment options for mattresses and box springs are limited. A certified bed bug mattress cover forces bed bugs to seek shelter in areas that contain residual products. The result is a more effective bed bug treatment. Our prices for a bed bug mattress cover are listed in the table below: 

Bed Bug Mattress Cover Price


Box Spring Cover Price


We will install bed bug mattress covers purchased from HeatRx at no additional cost. We are committed to help our clients get and keep their homes bed bug free. Click on the button below to order a bed bug mattress cover today.

Our Guarantee

HeatRx is the best bed bug exterminator in San Francisco’s Bay Area. If you suspect a large-scale infestation of bed bugs in your home, you may need to hire a professional to keep your family and home safe and protected. Don’t hesitate to call us. We will immediately give you a free quote over the phone.

We specialize in doing bed bug heat treatments. It’s our premium service which can eliminate the entire bed bug population in your house in as little one day. We have a variety of bed bug treatment options to suit your needs.

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