What to Do If I Found a Bed Bug?

Bed bug infestations have become a common problem in the United States and other developed countries. Bed bug bites often can cause itchy red bumps or welts on the skin of the person being bitten. The sad thing is that bed bug infestations are difficult to detect because they live close to their food source and can be found in any area of a home or building where humans sleep or stay for extended periods of time. So what do you do if you found a bed bug? Check out these useful tips. 

Clean the infested area

Probably the most intuitive thing to do when your area is infested with bed bugs is to clear the area. The first thing to do is to identify the areas and items that are affected, such as your bed seams, furniture, bedding, etc. But what exactly is the right approach? Here are several ways to clean the infested areas:

  • Spray alcohol on the infested area to kill the bed bugs.
  • Use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner​​ to suction out the live bed bugs and eggs.
  • Clear any unnecessary litter in the infested area.
  • Clean the affected cracks and crevices.
  • Use insecticide sprays to kill bed bugs in your headboard and footboard.

Once you’ve successfully cleared the area, proceed to the next steps.

Isolate your mattress

Another effective way to contain the infestation is to take out the mattress and place it somewhere far from the affected site so the infestation will not further spread to other unaffected areas and items. To prevent bed bugs from taking over your sleeping area, install bed bug interceptors to your bed frame. This tool is placed under the bedposts with moats that function as a trap to capture the bed bugs effectively.

Put infested items in a garbage bag

Having the same principle of isolating your mattress, infested items, such as magazines, bedding, and clothing, should be put inside a large garbage bag to quarantine them. Better yet, dispose of the infested items that you don’t need anymore. Afterward, vacuum the place to make sure bed bugs and eggs are eliminated. This also prepares the affected room for pest control for bed bugs.   

Get a heat treatment

Are you concerned with the effects of chemicals used for bed bug treatment? Don’t worry! You can always get the best bed bug treatment in San Francisco without the use of any harsh chemicals. One of the most commonly used non-chemical methods of containing bed bugs is heat treatment. During this process, the affected room will be subjected to high temperatures that are not conducive to bed bug reproduction, effectively eliminating all stages of bed bugs, including eggs, nymphs, and adults. 

Call a bed bug professional

There’s really no shame in calling for help! In fact, bed bug professionals will not only determine the best course of action for your pest problem but also give you useful tips to prevent future bed bug infestations from happening.  With their training and expertise, they will make sure your home is safe to stay and live in after a successful pest control treatment.


Sleep better

One of the best investments you can make in your room is a bed bug treatment. After all, your bedroom is a place for rest, and nighttime itching just defeats its purpose. But don’t just get any type of bed bug solution. Always choose the best bed bug treatment in town to get the right results. Follow these tips and you’ll get the quality sleep you deserve after a hard day’s work!

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