Common Causes of Bed Bug Infestations + Treatment & Prevention

Bed bugs are one of the most resilient insects or pests. Taking a nap and then feeling itchy in your bed can be frustrating. They can be found anywhere in your house, and almost every household encounters bed bug infestations. But what causes these infestations to occur? And as a homeowner, how can you prevent them?

Common Causes of Bed Bugs Infestations

1. Used Furniture

Bed bugs only travel a little using their small frame but instead, move from one piece of furniture to another. Most of the time, bed bugs can be found in bed frames and used sofas and other furniture. Even the carpet is prone to bed bug infestations. 

These tiny creatures tend to hide in the corners and edges of furniture. For homeowners who like to buy second-hand furniture or furniture from yard sales, this is where the common bed bug infestations area. 

2. Small and Tight Spaces Openings

Aside from used furniture, tight spaces or openings like windows and doors can be the entrance of these tiny creatures. They can quickly enter your home without you noticing them. They can easily slip through floor cracks or holes in the walls. 

Furthermore, it may be unnoticeable, but bed bugs tend to hide in crevices. They always await the perfect opportunity to bite you once they sense your body heat. It is why you always get infected by bed bugs even though you don’t buy used furniture and consistently clean your house. 

3. Unclean Areas

One of the top reasons your house is infested with bed bugs is clutter and dirty surroundings. Bed bugs and other small insects live in unclean and polluted areas. It is the perfect hiding spot for these creatures and one of their primary food sources. 

Sometimes when your bedsheet isn’t changed, you feel something itchy biting your body. It can be caused by bed bugs living there. Although they like to stay on wooden surfaces, these tiny creatures can instantly crawl out once they sense body heat. Though troublesome and painful, there’s still a way to eliminate them.


Ways on How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

1. Decluttering

First of all, the easiest way is to start decluttering. Remove any unwanted items from your house to create more space. When there’s extra space, it will be harder for them to hide. Decluttering can also free up some areas that may have already been flooded or infested with other pests besides bed bugs. In the bedroom, you can easily remove the dirty bed sheets, shoes, and other items you use outside or in other areas of your house.

Aside from the main bed, move your furniture, like a table and cabinets, to create space between the bed. It can prevent bed bugs from spreading from one piece of furniture to another. Considering bed bug home treatment in Sacramento, CA, can prevent you from having sleepless nights. 

2. Cleanliness

After decluttering your things, it’s time to start cleaning. If you have a vacuum, you can start by sucking small debris from the carpet, which can also be bed bugs’ hiding spots. Next, wash your bedsheets, bed covers, pillow, and blanket at least once or twice a week. It can help you get rid of bed bugs stuck in the fabric. 

Aside from cleaning your bedding, every homeowner should regularly clean every corner of their bedroom. Even using a broom to wipe away unnecessary debris and dust from their home is okay. A disciplined regular cleaning schedule can reduce your risk of being infested by bed bugs.

3. Disinfecting

The third tip is to disinfect your home. A homeowner can easily buy bug spray in the supermarket that they can use in the house. Spray it on the surroundings and in every corner. It would be best to spray your bed and small cracks in your bedroom that can be the potential hiding spot for bed bugs. In most cases, you can quickly resolve bed bugs by spraying bug spray.

For those who love to buy used furniture, as mentioned earlier, make sure to disinfect it first before letting it inside your home. It’s better to let it wait outside for about an hour after you apply a disinfectant to make sure that all the dirt has been removed, as well as other foreign creatures that may be a headache for you. It’s a simple process for homeowner to avoid bed bug infestations.


Call a Pro!

No matter how you prevent it, sometimes your enemies will win. It’s not most of the time, but there are instances when bed bug infestations can be severe, and simple homemade remedies are not enough to control them. It can become tough to handle yourself, and leaving it to the professionals is much better.

If a bug spray no longer works, your home may need pesticides or insecticides. Using these chemicals has a high risk of getting yourself hurt. That is why hiring someone with the experience and knowledge to battle these tiny invaders is better.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs for a Much Better Sleep!

Getting rid of bed bugs became much more accessible today as there are pest control experts that you can quickly call when needed. You can easily check online to see if they are legit and how good their services are. You can now resolve all those sleepless nights and postpone relaxation due to bed bugs. So, to have a much better sleep, you can quickly call a trusted professional that provides excellent treatments for bed bugs in Sacramento, CA.

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