Tips on Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently

Being plagued by bed bugs is incredibly stressful and unsettling. Your house, which is meant to be your haven, is now overrun with biting intruders. These tiny, flat creatures aren’t innocuous despite their size. If you don’t deal with them, they’ll take over your house and keep eating your blood at night. Be proactive with treatment and prevention if you want to eliminate bed bugs permanently. Hiring a HeatRX, an affordable bed bug exterminator in Sacramento service is the most effective way to eliminate an infestation. However, you can take additional steps to effectively and permanently rid your home of bed bugs.

What are bed bugs? 

Bed bugs have existed for a very long time. Although they are known not to transmit any diseases to people, they feed on blood. Their bites may cause allergies in some people. Although controlling a bed bug infestation is difficult, you can take steps. You can also take precautions to prevent bringing bed bugs home.

  • Before feeding, bed bugs are tiny, wingless, flat insects that are reddish-brown and about one-quarter inch long (about the size and shape of a tiny apple seed).
  • They hide during the day in cracks and crevices of walls, floors, furniture, and on beds (mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards). They emerge in the evening.
  • They can move quickly while crawling but cannot fly or jump.

How do bedbugs enter my house?

  • They may originate from used furniture or other contaminated areas. They can travel in bags, backpacks, purses, and other items on padded or soft surfaces.
  • They can move between rooms in multi-unit structures like hotels and apartment buildings.

How do I determine whether I have a bed bug issue?

  • Bed bugs and their shed skins or feces can be seen in the bedroom’s mattress seams and other items.
  • Also possible are blood stains on the sheets.

Bed Bug Strengths 

Bed bugs have been a problem for people since the beginning of time. Both Greek and biblical literature refer to them. Bed bugs feed on the blood of bats and sleeping humans. In some cases, bed bugs can consume three times their body weight in a 15-minute meal and go for up to a year without eating. People’s habitats are also at the proper temperature for bedbugs to survive. Bed bugs reproduce incredibly quickly, taking 60 to 90 days from egg to breeding adult and laying 200 to 300 eggs yearly. If food is available, a single female can multiply over 1000 times in one year, counting all her progeny generations.

Bed bugs are rapidly resistant to most of today’s best neurotoxic pesticides. The dried residual of these pesticides is only 1 – 10 % as effective as the initial spray. Getting lasting control if just 1% of the bugs survive initially is difficult. Further, most of these pesticides are repellent. It is the female bed bug that spreads the infestation widely. Female bed bugs spread infestation widely because the breeding method of bedbugs is brutal. Numerous males attack one female, stabbing her directly in the abdomen to inject their sperm. Naturally, this causes the female bedbug to flee while laying 2-4 eggs daily as she travels. The longer a colony builds up, the broader bedbugs disperse.

Bed Bug Weaknesses

Bed bugs are vulnerable because of a waxy coating on their exoskeleton. It exists to prevent them from drying out. Nanotechnology has given us a solution. Soy/protein product dissolves the waxy coating on the bedbug, causing it to dehydrate and die minutes to hours after they walk it. It is not repellent, and there has been no resistance observed. Bed bugs are always unaware of their surroundings. Soy-based treatment continues to work well after a year.

The bedbug’s exclusive preference for feeding on your blood is another weakness. The bedbug will perish if this particular food source is removed. By enclosing your bed in an island fortress that the bed bugs cannot access, we deprive them.

How can I get rid of bed bugs in my house?

  • It is possible, but in most cases, an “integrated pest management” (IPM) strategy is needed. IPM strategy combines methods that pose the least risk to the environment and your health. Try the following tactics:
  • Particularly in your bedroom, purge the space of clutter and clean.
  • Get your bed away from any furniture or walls.
  • Every day, vacuum the floors, windows, and molding. Mattress sides, seams, box springs, and furniture should all be cleaned. As soon as possible, empty the vacuum or bag and throw it away outside in a bag or sealed container.
  • Sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and bed skirts should all be washed before being dried for at least 30 minutes in a hot dryer. Use dust mite-controlling mattress and box spring covers, and cover the zippers with duct tape.
  • Seal any openings where pipes or wires enter the house and any crevices.

How to Perform a Bed Bug Check

When you think your home might have a bed bug problem, there are several places you should check. Of course, bed bugs are most notorious for living in human habitats, which include your mattress, headboard, and bed frame. Pull back the covers to check for the bed bug early warning signs listed above. Additionally, search for signs of bed bugs in power outlets, wall cracks, luggage, upholstered furniture, dressers, and other places.

Signs of Infestation  

Early Bed Bug Symptoms

Since they’re small, bed bugs can be challenging to see with the untrained eye. There are a number of bed bug warning signs that point to an infestation. Four indicators of a bed bug infestation are as follows:

  • Dark stains on mattresses, bedding, or furniture
  • Blisters, swollen skin, blisters, hives, or highly itchy skin
  • sightings of objects, especially at night
  • discovering eggs, eggshells, or skin remnants

Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites

Naturally, the bites of bed bugs are the leading cause of concern. Bed bugs feed at night while their victim is asleep and choose exposed body parts, like the arms or legs. Although severe bed bug symptoms are uncommon, bites can occasionally result in rashes, hives, itching, and welts. Differentiating bed bug bites from other bug bites can be challenging: 

  • It was not a bed bug if you felt the edge when it happened.
  • Bed bugs are unlikely to be blamed if the advantages are random and dispersed.
  • It might be a bed bug bite if the bite develops a blister.
  • It is most likely bed bug bites if they have a pattern, such as a straight line or zigzag. They frequently form groups of three to five.


The bed bug likes clutter. Eliminating these bloodsuckers’ safe havens is one of the best ways to make them feel unwelcome—no more mess when treating bed bugs. Your primary focus will be on the living spaces in your home, including the bedrooms, living room, family room, office, and areas where you sleep or relax on chairs or sofas.

  • Move nothing from one room to another if you find bed bugs there. The infestation will only grow as a result. 
  • It would help if you moved your bed away from any walls to deny bed bugs access to it. Nothing on your bed should touch the walls, nightstands, or anything else a bed bug can climb to get to your bed in the room. Because bed bugs cannot fly, surround your bed with a barrier.
  • Get out of bed. Until you get to a washing machine, please seal all your bedding into a big plastic bag or bin. Put everything through a hot water wash. After that, let it air dry for at least 45 minutes. 
  • Remove everything from your drawers and closets. Apply the same procedures to your bedding if it is machine washable. Put it in the dryer on high heat for at least an hour if You cannot wash it. Take it to the dry cleaners in a plastic bag that you have sealed shut if it needs to be dry cleaned. Give the cleaners advance notice to avoid mixing your clothing with other items.
  • Throw away or quarantine everything else. To ensure that items do not harbor bed bugs, store them in a secure container for about 18 months if they cannot be washed, dried, or cleaned. They can hold bed bugs for up to a year without a meal.
  • You shouldn’t return items in your room until all treatments are finished. Keep them in secure containers until there are no signs of bed bugs. Nothing is brought back into your room until the threat of bed bugs is no longer present.
  • Deep cleaning, which includes vacuuming, is a crucial tool in your bed bug removal toolkit.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner that will only be used for this task, if possible. A vacuum cleaner is so bed bugs won’t spread to other clean rooms through the hose.
  • As soon as possible, transfer the vacuum bag’s contents to a sturdy garbage bag, seal it with duct tape, and discard it. Please put it in the outside trash. Keep this bag out of your house.
  • Bed bugs are instantly killed when exposed to steam. The most crucial step is making contact. Mattress and box spring seams are ideal hiding places for bed bugs. Therefore, after completing the other steps, directly apply steam to those parts of your bed.
  • Bed bug-infested mattresses and box springs might not be salvageable. Don’t give someone else your mattress, box springs, or bed frame if you decide they are too infested to keep. Cover or wrap the mattress or box spring in plastic and tape before removing it from your house. 
  • Repeat the procedure in all other bedrooms, the living room, and other home areas where people sit or sleep. If you discover bed bugs in additional rooms, purge and clean each one.

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the area of bed bugs, you’re prepared to start the treatments to eradicate them.


Contact the Experts

To permanently get rid of bed bugs in your home, contacting the experts is crucial. Your house should be a haven of tranquility and comfort. Allowing pests to remain in your space will only cause them to disturb your peace and comfort. Call us today to speak with a Sacramento pest control expert who can restore comfort and ease to your residence or place of business.

A professional exterminator in Sacramento will work diligently to address your pest problem by quickly identifying it and implementing a plan to address it. The aim is for your house to remain so free of pests. Our bed bug treatment in Sacramento, CA, offers the best. Our knowledgeable and highly trained technicians successfully eliminate bed bug infestations from homes and businesses.

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