What Attracts Bed Bugs To Your Home?

Bed bugs are one of the most common pests found almost anywhere humans are present. These are insects from the genus Cimex and are found primarily in the tropics, but can spread to all regions of the world. Infestation doesn’t primarily happen to unclean areas, but it is more common in places with very high population density. About the size of a sesame seed, these reddish brown insects feed on the blood of mostly warm blooded creatures. Though their bite won’t cause any serious diseases, the allergic reaction for some people can be very annoying. These insects hide around the bedroom, especially near the bed. Inside cracks and gaps of the bed, or in the nightstand. They feed during night time because it is the most preferred time for humans to be inactive. Infestations occur in areas where people sleep. These include houses and in places where human traffic is rampant. Hotels, hospitals, clinics, shelters are the most common. 

Bed bugs travel around from one place to another as hitchhikers on clothing, luggage, furniture, beddings, boxes and or even grocery bags. These insects can easily stowaway in public transport like buses and trains. Some theories suggest that because of the increase in human travel these creatures have spread widely across the globe. They can easily transfer from one room to another in hotels or apartments because the rooms are in close proximity to one another. Other locations that may harbor these insects are offices, airports, libraries, schools, shopping malls, and all other institutions that have steady foot traffic. Most of the time, you can never be entirely sure you already have picked up these hitch hikers.


Spreading diseases isn’t their main priority, so they are not known to do so. Their presence only can be annoying because their bite is itchy and can lead to scratching that sometimes leads to more infection. Though they may not be considered dangerous; but some people may need medical treatment due to their allergic reactions.

Identifiable signs and symptoms are the bite marks on your skin and face or any exposed skin while you sleep at night. Usually on the neck, arms and legs. The bites may form a linear pattern or may constitute a specific space. Although some people react right away with the bite and show red bumps and marks, some may take a few days to see the marks. It is hard to tell sometimes if you have been bitten by these blood suckers if you are located in places where a lot of insects are also predominant. The bites may look the same as a mosquito or other bug bites. Unless you find evidence of the bed bugs’ presence. Bed bugs as mentioned may affect people differently and some may not even show any reactions at all. The best way to treat the bites is not to scratch the area. Applying creams and antiseptics should do the trick. Treating infestations are done with insecticides or a professional pest control company. Insecticides sometimes are already ineffective against these insects because studies have shown that they have developed an increased immunity against these chemicals. Mechanical means of eradication have been found more effective. These include heat treatment, vacuuming, steaming and other forms of treatment are common solutions.

Distinguishable signs are molted skins, eggs, blood spots on the sheets, fecal material, a musty odor, and of course you can see them. They are experts at hiding and their small bodies can fit them into cracks and crevices smaller than them. Bed bugs can hide for long periods even without eating. And you will not realize that you already have bed bugs as roommates not until you finally see them. 

The risk of getting bed bug infestation is high when a person is a frequent traveler and sleeps where other people have also been. Usually, these insects are transported from one place to another through peoples’ belongings. Luggage, clothes, furniture and or mostly anything where they can hide. Think of it like it is a pirate ship where a stowaway can easily hide beneath the ship’s bowels and transfer from one port to another. The bed bug killer in San Francisco suggests that bed bugs can infect all areas where they are free to travel. Once these insects find a way into your home, they can easily find hiding areas and spots close to their feeding ground. They can cover a lot of area while they crawl during the day. Finding their way to your bedroom and staying there to feed and multiply. 


Attracting bed bugs to your home is not usually the case. They are most commonly brought in by an unsuspecting courier like a guest or even yourself. You cannot merely bed bug proof your home. Regular inspection for a possible infestation may work. Surprisingly, bed bugs are not attracted to dirty surroundings or waste materials. They mainly are in for the blood, their food source. As long as there is a warm blooded creature around to feed on, you can expect bed bugs to be lurking around. Even the cleanest homes can get infested as much as any public place. Some common information about bed bugs that need further research: they are attracted to wood, garbage, urine, dirty clothes and laundry and even warmth. They may find shelter in such objects but that does not necessarily mean they are attracted to them. Keeping bed bugs away from your home is easy but still needs a proper mindset. Avoid bringing home any second hand things and objects. If not, inspect them thoroughly and clean them under the heater. If you suspect you are having an infestation, assess your home completely or call the pest control company. The bed bug home treatment in San Francisco CA has done a couple of interventions against these nasty creatures. Calling the professionals will make a customized task to hasten your treatment against these insects. 

After treatment, it doesn’t mean you will not get bed bugs just once. It is best to monitor and keep a peeled eye to minimize future infestations. Reduce the amount of clutter, and vacuum your home everyday to make sure these pests are completely out of your life. As long as you can identify the infestation early, you won’t have to deal with a big problem in the future. 

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