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Black Friday and How to Avoid Bed Bugs

Black Friday is coming. Aren’t you excited? Of course, you are! It’s one of the year’s great events, and everything is on sale. Low prices and great deals- what a steal, right?

However, due to the increased demand for items with low prices, an unexpected increase in threats also arises. But what is it? It’s bed bugs that can be found in public spaces and other furniture. In this article, allow us to help you prevent the acquisition of bed bugs in public areas and develop a defensive strategy against them.

Understanding the Bed Bug Menace

They are tiny, the size of an apple seed, and difficult for the naked eye to see. Because of this, they tend to hitchhike with you. Bedbugs are most commonly found in bedrooms. They are attracted to human body warmth and primarily feed on blood.

Although they are a common issue in the United States, there are many consequences of these pests, such as:

  • Painful Bites
  • Red marks and itchiness, and
  • Infestations
detecting bed bugs in san francisco

The Bed Bug Battlefield: High-Risk Areas in Public Spaces

One of the most common misconceptions about these creatures is that they come from pets. They are a type of hitchhiker that can travel from one piece of luggage to another. People can acquire them anywhere where there is an infestation.

Most of these creatures that you can find in public during Black Friday are located at:

  • upholstered seats
  • used furniture.
  • couches
  • carpets, and
  • Bags of other people shopping during Black Friday

To prevent them from hitchhiking a ride to your home, always bring a disinfectant or alcohol with you. These can lessen your chance of getting them. And now that you know their hotspots, you can find another way to shop without having to go to those areas.

bed bugs in used furniture san francisco

Pre-Shopping Preparation: A Bed Bug Defense Plan

It might not be on your dress list, but you must follow a specific dress code to prevent them from climbing onto you. It’s recommended that you wear clothing that is lighter in color so you can easily spot them and that the clothing can easily be washed and dried in a hot dryer.

If you carry a suitcase, choose a hard cased one so it will be harder for them to get inside. The same goes for buying during Black Friday; choose the clothing, bags, and luggage you want to buy if you don’t want to bring pests back home.

The Shopping Spree: Bed Bug-Safe Practices

As mentioned earlier, you should avoid hotspots in public spaces. If the store you are considering selling used furniture has a reputation for bed bug problems, consider looking for a different shop. This will help you minimize your contact with these creatures.

The same goes for clothing and other merchandise. Buy clothing that is lighter in color so you can see them quickly. And, if possible, don’t shop in crowded and secluded places.

You’re most likely to acquire them in crowded areas with high foot traffic. However, since pests cannot move or change their habitat, secluded areas can also have them lurking around. So before shopping on Black Friday, make sure you have rubbing alcohol with you.

Post-Shopping Rituals: Bed Bug Prevention at Home

In some cases, even though you protect yourself from acquiring them from the public, they can still come with you to your home. Due to their resilient nature, some might still find a way to hitchhike.

However, there are things that you can first before you enter your home after you go home shopping, such as:

  • Disinfect your newly bought items.
  • If possible, wash your newly bought clothes immediately and hot dry them.
  • For mattress covers and bed sheets, make sure to clean them first before putting them in your bedroom so there will be no chance of them slipping through your bedroom.

It is recommended to store your new items in bed bug-resistant containers like plastic and encasements.

The Unwanted Souvenir: Responding to Suspected Bed Bug Exposure

If you suddenly feel itchy when you sleep and notice some red marks, it’s a sign of a bed bug in your home. Another sign is yellow or red stains on your sheets. These creatures leave these stains when crushed, and the blood they feed on explodes.

wash sheets to avoid bed bugs in san francisco

If you recognize that there’s a pest activity at your home, make sure to take these steps in case they’ve hitched a ride:

  • Declutter your home.
  • Wash your sheets, mattresses, and put them in a dryer.
  • Use disinfectant in your home, and
  • Put traps near your bed.

Fighting these resilient pests early on can prevent them from infesting your home since they reproduce immediately. Seeking professional treatment is necessary if you are inexperienced with using chemicals against them.

Hiring a pro can also save you a lot of stress and provide insights into handling your infestation. If you need help deciding what to do, call a pro.

Spreading Awareness: Educating Fellow Shoppers

To spread awareness among your fellow Black Friday shoppers, always bring rubbing alcohol, plastic, and encasements to avoid taking home hitchhiking bed bugs. Here are some tips and strategies that you can share with others:

  • Instead of buying in a physical store, you can buy what you need online, and
  • Always put them in a plastic bag or covered in plastic.

Shopping online on Black Friday allows you to avoid the risk of bed bugs, as you do not have to go to crowded or secluded areas. Moreover, putting your new items in a plastic bag or covering them in plastic can help reduce the chance of hitchhiking on your new items.

If you had no choice but to enjoy Black Friday in physical stores, you should be vigilant about the risks of these creatures. Spreading awareness about a potential pest infestation risk with your community and fellow shoppers can help prevent a potential infestation.

beaware of bed bugs during black friday shopping san francisco

An Enjoyable Shopping Experience for Black Friday

Shopping during one of the biggest sales every year is exciting and fun. Spreading awareness can also help. Knowing how to prevent them from hitchhiking on your purchases can give you confidence that you won’t be bringing them back to your home.

There are different methods bed bug treatments in San Francisco that you can try if you ever notice an activity in your home. To have a bed-bug-free Black Friday Shopping experience, remember to:

  • Spread Awareness
  • Be vigilant.
  • Be knowledgeable about the risks and
  • Always bring protection against them when shopping
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